Mobility for everyone – project circleg

As part of our study major «branded motion» we worked together with Swiss innovators «Project Circleg» who aim to make affordable prosthetics available in Eastern Africa. By fusing plastic waste with reinforced filaments, the young startup has engineered a modular and unprecedentedly flexible lower-limb prosthetic.

The focus of our team’s work was set on the design aspect of the prosthetic. This was done in order to compare the prosthetic, which comes in different color schemes and is highly customizable, to an individualist, stylish way of having a prosthetic leg. Just as tattooing, shaving and flashy socks are ways to customize your appearance, the Circleg prosthetic offers a high design value when compared with other prosthetics from different manufacturers.

Concept: Nevio Heimberg, Gabriel Baschung, Delia Haueter, Sebastian Walter 
Camera, Lights: Gabriel Baschung, Delia Haueter, Sebastian Walter (Nevio Heimberg in remote due to COVID-quarantine) 
Edit, Compositing, Grading: Nevio Heimberg, Gabriel Baschung 
Motion Graphics: Nevio Heimberg 
3D Modelling, Animation and Compositing: Sebastian Walter 
Music: Nevio Heimberg




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