We were tasked with conceptualising an app and mocking it up with the help of manual wireframes to be constructed in Adobe XD. Our team had been planning out an educational app that would act as a guide for people looking to evaluate their educational interests, focussing on (pre-) university level students. The concept including research, personas and user testing was made and conducted by our team.

EDUplan was born to facilitate the information process and help people gather all the info they need quickly if they wanted, but still leaving a deep track for those who needed to delve deeper in order to make their decision on what to study in the future. Functions such as chatting with alumni and professors or going on a deep filter-based search were implemented. The app also provides the latest news in the job world based on the user’s preference, so each and every user has a customized experience.

The wireframe is very simple and yet demonstrates in a very powerful way how the app would work. TRY IT HERE

Adobe XD prototype



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